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Learn how the Ancient Egyptians can help you live a nourishing lifestyle

Ancient Egypt is known as a land of grand innovation and colossal magnificence. The Sphinx. The Great Pyramid of Giza. The Tomb of Pharoah Tutankhamen. These landmarks and the stories behind them have inspired generations of intrepid spiritual individuals. This perfectly explains why their culture has stood the test of time thousands of years into the present.

Unbeknownst to many, Ancient Egyptians were also innovators in the field of alternative medicine. Some of their techniques remain prominent even in the 21st century, a testament to their lasting power and effectiveness. The following alternative medicine examples were pioneered in Ancient Egypt. Adopt them if you want to unlock the health secrets of the ancients!

  1. Herbal Medicine

The Egyptians were forerunners when it came to using natural herbs to treat certain illnesses. Kanna, Shilajit, Blue Lotus, Red Lotus Flower, and Moringa were all used to treat common everyday health ailments. By using them yourself, you will be engaging in an age-old practice which has helped countless individuals heal themselves from the inside out. Simply peruse the website to see which materials we offer for your wellbeing! We can promise that, even centuries later, these herbs and materials still pack a punch. 

  1. A Balanced Diet

Ancient Egyptians had unrestricted access to boundless forms of food, all thanks to the fertile land provided by the Nile River. According to Andre Dollinger, most of the naturally grown foodstuffs consumed by Ancient Egyptians comprised of barley and Emmer Wheat. Oil was extracted from linseed plants, and vegetables and fruits of all kinds were grown and consumed. Starting a healthy, natural diet doesn’t have to be a grim undertaking. Even better, these alternatives were all shared equally amongst the nobility and peasantry! There are plenty of health-conscious markets and online stores available (including ours) which focus on providing healthy alternatives to big supermarket chains. Consider giving us a look for your alternative medical needs!

  1. Turmeric

For thousands of years, cultures across the globe – Including Ancient Egyptians – utilized Turmeric for its natural healing properties. According to, Turmeric has been used to treat indigestion, ulcers, stomach cramps, cancer, and psoriasis. No wonder the mavericks who built the marvellous pyramids were viewed as being beyond their time! By buying organic, Turmeric Bone Broth from the Hermedbio store, you’re crafting a natural link between modern times and the majestic ages of Ancient Egypt. As an antioxidant, this special spice protects your body from radical molecules that harshly damage cells and tissue.

If you want to adopt ancient procedures that have stood the test of time, we advocate starting with the innovators of medicine: The Ancient Egyptians! We can’t wait for you to see how these methods will drastically improve your health and wellbeing, naturally.