"Animal and test-tube studies have shown that pu-erh tea may help synthesize fewer new fats while burning more stored body fat — which can lead to weight loss." Xiao-Jv Zou etc. 2012 
"Additionally, pu-erh tea is fermented, so it can also introduce healthy probiotics or beneficial gut bacteria into your body. These probiotics may help improve your blood sugar control, which plays a key role in weight management and hunger." Xiaojie Lu etc. 2019 

Pu-erth tea is famous for reducing stress and increasing energy levels and focus. A cup of Pu-erth will help you relax and keep your mind clear and concentrated. It uses its oxidative properties to deliver more oxygen to the brain and can help to fight headaches and migraines and reduce free radicals. Pu-erh tea is fermented, meaning it has higher antioxidants and vitamin C concentrations than other teas. Besides, Pu-erh tea can help reduce cholesterol and thus prevent obesity-related diseases and lower the risk of heart disease. There’s some evidence that Pu-erh tea is good for weight loss.



Before making pu erh tea, use strainer and water from the tab to get the tea cleaned before.

Amount of tea to use can depend on personal taste, generally, 3-5 grams tea properly with 150 milliliters water.

For the tea purer aroma, it is necessary to warm tea, i.e., pour out the boiled water immediately for the first time, you can reuse it 1-2 times.

Pu'erh is normally brewed at an optimum temperature around 90 °C. The tea is steeped for 12 to 30 seconds in the first few infusions, increasing to 2 to 10 minutes in the last infusions. 5-10 infusions of tea from one pot of leaves is possible.



Botanical Name: Pu'er, Pu-erh and Pu erth

Organic Status: Australian Certified Organic before repackaging

Country of Origin: China

Type: Dried tea leaves 

Package: Reusable paper package



It is generally safe to consume Pu-erth tea, however one should be aware of its caffeine content (pu-erh can contain 30–100 mg of caffeine per cup).