About us

Hermes. Hermes Trismegistus. Mercury. Thoth. This iconic spiritual legend carried plenty of names during and after his lifetime, but no matter what you call him, one thing’s for sure – countless cultures worldwide leaned, and continue to lean, on him as a source of wisdom, science, and medicine.

Considered the “Herald of the gods” and the protector of travellers and orators, Hermes built a legacy thousands of years ago. The influence of Hermeticism echoes through to today, keeping one of the oldest non-Christian belief systems alive long after the passing of this historic icon.

Like Hermes, we are eternally wandering the world in search of knowledge when it comes to natural healing and alternative medicine. Like Hermes, we believe that health is the greatest wealth, as is being in the company of people who share our vision. That’s why Hermedbio was born, giving spiritual undiluted access to millennia-old wellness treasures that Hermes himself would certainly approve of. 

Everything we do and offer aligns with the hermetic philosophical system, with naturally beneficial supplements and ingredients that promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Our pursuit of holistic health is inspired by ancient cultures and civilizations who have been paving the way for centuries, proving that there are alternative, less harmful ways to confidently manage our well-being. While we don’t oppose modern therapeutic approaches, we’re simply exposing the other side of healthcare – the side that’s been around since the beginning of time itself.

From Manuka honey to nutritious herbs and teas, balms, beverages, and a spectrum of supplements and extracts with high bioavailability, Hermedbio seeks to grow the web’s broadest collection of natural products that get to the root of ailments. Our range of deliciously nutritious ingredients and supplements make it easy to live a Hermes-approved lifestyle, with smart foods that are a breeze to integrate into your daily life and improve every aspect of your existence.

Nature’s “medicine” has been at our fingertips since the dawn of the Earth, and Hermes knew this. Now, we’re keeping his legacy alive with you by our side, fusing nature’s ancient secrets with proven scientific research, lab-based testing, and authority regulating safety criteria.

Like we said – don’t take it from us. Take it from Hermes himself.



Empowering communities to conquer and elevate their well-being through the Earth’s nourishment, while promoting sustainable, ethical, heart-based living concepts.

Change has been a long time coming. From what we put into our bodies to how we conduct business in the new generation, to how we spread and consume information, It’s time to take our well-being into the 21st century, which means taking it back to centuries past.

Our mission is to help individuals achieve the holistic well-being they seek through the collective powers of nutrition, nature, and awareness. We want you to thrive in a modern body while restoring the health and vitality of our predecessors. Hermedbio is your companion and confidant on your wellness journey, standing in your corner to help you achieve the goals you set.


Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia