"Ginseng, which belongs to the genus Panax and family Araliaceae, is widely used in East Asia as an herbal medicinal plant, as it has excellent medicinal properties. Particularly in Korea, China, and Japan, ginseng is considered to be the most important of all medicinal herbs. For the past 2000 years, people from those places have used ginseng root and its extract as a stimulant to relieve stress and fatigue, strengthen the body and mind, prevent aging, and increase vigor. 
The world’s oldest pharmacopeia of medicinal herbs and plants, Shennong’s Herbal Classic, organizes herbs into three classes by their degree of toxicity. Ginseng was deemed to be a nontoxic medicinal plant and recommended for regular use to increase energy."

Zhang H, Abid S, Ahn JC, et al. Characteristics of Panax ginseng Cultivars in Korea and China. Molecules. 2020;25(11):2635. Published 2020 Jun 5. doi:10.3390/molecules25112635

Ginseng panax powder GInseng panax powder GInseng panax powder

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb that helps to build up a strong and healthy immune system. It has a holistic range of stress management benefits from physical or mental problems. This herbal extract enhances proteins affected by general illness from respiratory issues and low blood pressure.

The optimal dose 0.5-1g of Ginseng once or twice a day. Can be used in combination with other extracts. Recommended to mix Ginseng powder with liquids, such as:

  • Kombucha
  • Juice
  • Protein shaker 
  • Smoothie
  • Tea & Coffee

Stir properly before taking it. 

Botanical Name: Panax ginseng

Other Names: Ginseng, Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng, Korean ginseng, Panax

Organic status: Australian Certified Organic before repackaging

Country of origin: China

Type: Herb extract powder

Package: Reusable eco paper bag

Don't take big dosage, use this product wisely. 

* Pregnant women should avoid using Ginseng

* It may disrupt the blood pressure and cause high or low Blood Pressure. People having Blood Pressure or Blood sugar problems should avoid Ginseng 

* Bipolar disorder patients are advised, not to take ginseng, because it may trigger the mania 


If you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition consult your health care professional before using herbal products.