Huperzine is an alkaloid isolated from a Chinese club moss. Due to its potent neuroprotective activities, it has been investigated as a candidate for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.
The club moss Huperzia serrata has been used for centuries in Chinese folk medicine for the treatment of contusion, strain, swelling, and schizophrenia. In 1986, Liu et al reported the isolation of the alkaloid huperzine.Huperzia serrata
Tun MK, Herzon SB. The pharmacology and therapeutic potential of (-)-huperzine A. J Exp Pharmacol. 2012;4:113-123. Published 2012 Sep 5. doi:10.2147/JEP.S27084 

Huperzia Serrata or Chinese Club Moss is a natural brain booster: numerous clinical studies indicate that the ingredient huperzine is an effective cognitive enhancer. Controlled studies show beneficial effects on learning and memory in students. Besides memory, it improves cognition, mood, and behavioural function. It is recommended as a supplement for healthy individuals to support memory and cognitive brain power as the brain ages. The plant extract acts as an antispasmodic and diuretic used to treat irregular menstruation.


The optimal dose of Huperzia serrata is 250 mg ones or twice a day. Can be used in combination with other extracts. Recommended to mix Huperzia serrata powder with liquids, such as:

  • Kombucha
  • Juice
  • Protein shaker 
  • Smoothie
  • Tea & Coffee

Stir properly before taking it. 

Botanical Name: Huperzia serrata

Other Names: Chinese Club Moss, Huperzia serrata, Huperazon, Lycopode Chinois, Lycopodium serrata, Qian Ceng Ta, Toothed Clubmoss

Organic Status: Australian Certified Organic before repackaging

Country of Origin: China

Type: Powder herb extract

Package: Reusable eco paper bag

Don't take big dosage, use this product wisely. 

* Pregnant women should avoid using Huperzia Serrata

* People with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, blockage of the intestinal or urogenital tracts, gastrointestinal ulcer disease or seizures should avoid taking Chinese Club Moss. 


If you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition consult your health care professional before using herbal products.